Technologies to create experiences

Inisle Interactive Technologies

Technologies to create experiencies

Inisle is an Start-Up, spin-off of the Balearic Island University, deidcated to Research and Sofware development oriented to Human-computer Interaction (HCI) focused on a commercial point of view. We are specialist in Virtual Reality and Computer Vision. If you have any idea and you think that we can make it real, please do not hesitate contacting us.


Kaboore is our VR platform. In Kaboore you will be able to fin any tools you need in order to create your VR/360 apps. We are offering iOS / Android / HTML5 SDKs, CMS, API and the possibility to share your videos through the social networks. If you need it, we can develop the whole project from the 360 content production to VR Mobile App development.

Mood SDK

Our SDK is capable to detect the Mood of persons from an image sequence. Develop applications that let understand how our costumers are feeling and change depending their needs. Check your client's satisfaction level in a natural and non intursive way. Show one kind of advert or another depending on your audience mood.


FaceMove is a new technology that lets your application recognice your fecemovemnts and transform them in to actions. Without any extra Hardware, only by using your frontal camera. Use Facemove to make your apps more accessible and enlarge your potential user base.

Our team

Trust is the main element in a team.

Xavi Varona

Inisle Interactive Technologies Co-founder

Xavi Varona
Co-Founder & CEO

Simón Garcés

Inisle Interactive Technologies Co-founder

Simón Garcés
Co-Founder & CTO

Sebastián Filippini

Computer Vision Engineer

Sebastián Filipinni
Computer Vision Engineer

Miguel Alcalde

Application's developer

Miguel Alcalde
GEAR Engineer

Xim Berga

Application's developer

Xim Berga
Web Engineer

Awards and recognitions

Inisle Interactive Technologies has always gone for R+D
Reset award
Winner of 2012 Reset entrepreneur award (Business plan).
Sello Pyme Innovadora 2018
MINECO's Innovative SME seal

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